confident female characters who take no one’s shit are my favourite I want to smooch them all

all boobs are good. all boobs. are good

pastelflutters: Eggman has a teeny little comb for his mustache

I think he might need a bigger comb

confession: I just want to know how Eggman cares for his moustache. Does he have to brush it? Does he use hair straighteners on it? Does he wake up with bed moustache (like bed hair)? I’m fascinated by this. How does he get it looking so flawless? I bet he spends so much time on it and I want to see him straightening it

THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY SPIDERS IN MY HOUSE it is awful I even had a dream about giant spiders last night because of all these bloody spiders thinking they can run around my house


i get so tired of seeing people completely mischaracterize rouge and then boil it down to “bat titties XD”

I have a terrible fascination with only-sonic-confessions. I think it’s like “I wonder what kind of shit people will think up next? Will people actually CONFESS something as it is a CONFESSION blog instead of submitting hate? WHO KNOWS??”


spooning yourself at night because your ugly and no one loves you

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shutupfaker: Gordie stands out in the group because he is enthusiastic and optimistic and his positivity and good vibes spread to everyone around him uvu b


I think you meant “gordie is a fucking meme and his puns and feels will torment you in the darkest nights” but legit thank you you’re precious uvu

yeah ur a dirty memer but I don’t think that will make a good impression u see