I finally can go to bed now yes

so here it is

I half-assed the background so this could be done

he’s taking a selfie or something 

iunno I wanna be done typing this so i can leave soon

if I get a song stuck in my head or inappropriate thoughts I just think about Super Sonic Racing. it’s really effective brain bleach


instead of saying that Amy must be heterosexual or heteroromatic because she has a crush on Sonic please consider:

  • Amy with any kind of polysexual orientation
  • Amy with any kind of polyromantic orientation
  • or both

I must have lost about 10 followers in the past 24 hours [new record jingle plays]

Track Title: knuckles is calling me knuckles and knuckles, no one stops knuckles' knuckles


triple-q did the first one, but here’s the sa2 version

Anonymous: Maybe you could briefly change your url to one of your hoarded ones and then switch back to it after a couple of weeks or something?

I was thinking of doing that!! maybe I will…. we’ll see :>

Anonymous: Well, no i dont live in bedford but i live in the uk im guessing it's only available there :<

ah. yeah, I think it’s just a small business, sorry!! they were expensive anyway haha we only went there because that’s where my parents bought my laptop from

today I learned that my dad actually knows my url but I don’t want to change it or my heart will break

holoska: if your dad is a faker does that mean your url is actually shutupdad

yes. perfect