I have no such things as weak spots


I think I’m stupid because I think people look like their icon

Anonymous asked: "You probably bitch about people too though. Everyone does."

that?? Doesn’t make it right???

okay so yes I do sometimes. Rarely, but still, I fucking hate myself for it when I do

it’s shitty

it’s a shitty thing to do and I despise it

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Fun fact: the human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton.

Also the equator is long enough that it’ll wrap around the world exactly once.

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I respect those people who get a lot done on their days off cause I am the absolute opposite and do nothing all day whenever I can

well I couldn’t sleep so I watched some stuff and I wanted to quickly check tumblr before sleeping again and it seems like I somehow gained new followers?

so um thanks for 900 followers guys!? Wow that’s uh… that’s a lot. Thanks for somehow sticking with me and hello new followers ;v;

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people who “grew out” of pokemon are weak and i have no time for them


Imagine getting married to your icon, but in the cremony your old icon gets up from their seat and yells that they love you and don’t want you to marry anybody else. Your current icon tells them, with the same expresion as they are now, that you are theirs and now your old icon can’t have you back.