it’s so relieving when you have a really unpopular opinion and you find out someone else shares it

I know why I’m emotional it’s because it’s 3am so I should go

real talk though HOW do people write Knuckles wrong because even if you just read his Sonic wiki page you can see that he is much more than his gullibility I mean REALLY. EVEN THE SONIC WIKI which is really poor at times presents all of Knuckles’ good points and doesn’t focus on how gullible he is like god damn

asphyxiated-muffin: Oh yea! Bout ur dumb knuckles post ( which upsets me ,????? How/why do they wanna mischaracterize knackles) it kind of reminds me of sonic riders and how storm is brawny and dumb????? Like is thst what theyre tryna go for? Y.

ugh probably and I just… really don’t want Knuckles’ characterisation going down that route. It upsets and concerns me. Idk. I know it sounds dumb but I’m really attatched to Knuckles and I just wish he was written better

Anonymous: Do you like cheese?

the food or the chao?? it’s so weird that I have to ask that

if the food - I go on and off cheese. it’s okay

if the chao - I love Cheese!! Cheese is very cute and also very dangerous. Cheese makes Cream so OP and I love it

nella-san: KELLY here's me to say you're a real great person and super sweet , you're wonderful and i hope you have a day as cute as you ;/v/; /

Nella you’re too sweet aaa I hope you have a great day/evening too!!! ;v;/

officialsegaofamerica: Kelly can't be bothered by mean Anons anyway bc her boy knuckles won't let that happen anyways so it's impossible to get Kelly feelin down with knucker at her side


thank you Knuckles. He truly is my main man

midnytemelody: I kinda want to say that she's an echidna because of the eyes and lack of ears, and possibly the quills too. But her muzzle looks a little off, and I think the tail is closer to a hedgehog's. But yeah, I'd call her a echidna until they say otherwise, but that's just me.

that’s what I thought too!! Then I thought wait Knuckles is the last echidna. Then I realised this is an AU and it’s possible that he isn’t. Now I just don’t know but she does look like one